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Abdominal/Pectoral Etching in New Orleans, LA

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What is Abdominal Etching?

A toned stomach can normally be achieved through a healthy diet plan and exercise, but "washboard" abs are extremely hard, and in some cases, impossible for everyone to get. If you'd like a defined stomach with a visible "six-pack," plastic surgeon Dr. Heath Charvet offers abdominal sculpting, sometimes known as pectoral etching, at his office in New Orleans, LA. A highly refined liposculpture technique, ab etching can help to remove small quantities of stubborn fat from your stomach and define your abs. Schedule an appointment at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa to learn more information about abdominal etching today.

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How is Abdominal Etching Performed?

Dr. Charvet performs ab sculpting as an outpatient surgery in a licensed surgical facility with you under anesthesia. During the 1 – 2-hour operation, Dr. Charvet will create one or more small incisions so he can insert a thin tube (cannula) to vacuum out fat. Dr. Charvet generally uses liposculpture techniques to loosen and remove fat but might also utilize power-assisted liposuction (PAL) to achieve a more dramatic etching. From there, he will define the midline linea alba and the outline of the rectus muscle. In order to give you a six-pack, he may also etch the horizontal lines and transverse inscriptions. After the fat is removed and the abdominal muscles are fully defined, Dr. Charvet will close the incisions with sutures. Following your procedure, you will be put in a compression garment to reduce bruising and swelling, which should diminish in roughly two weeks. You can expect some pain, but you should be able to go back to work in a week or so and resume exercise within three weeks. Dr. Charvet does his best to place the tiniest incisions in your abdomen's natural creases so the scars are hard to see once fully healed.

Abdominal/Pectoral Etching FAQs

Can I enhance my pecs with implants?
Pectoral implants can be an effective alternative for men who lack volume in the chest area. During your consultation, During a consultation, you can speak with Dr. Charvet about your options and explore whether implants or another solution can give you your desired look.

Can I combine my treatment with other procedures?
Yes, it's common to integrate pectoral etching with other aesthetic surgeries to enhance both the chest and abdominal areas simultaneously. Keep in mind that adding procedures may affect the overall cost of your treatment.

How soon can I resume my workout routine after abdominal/pectoral etching?
We advise most patients to wait at least 2 – 3 weeks after their abdominal/pectoral etching treatment before engaging in strenuous exercise. This pause allows the chest incisions to heal and any swelling or bruising to diminish. Following Dr. Charvet's recovery instructions and wearing a compression garment can facilitate a quicker recovery.

Sculpt Your Six-Pack

No matter the amount of work you do on your abs, you may not be able to get washboard abs naturally. Abdominal etching at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa removes the stubborn fat from your stomach and sculpts your muscles so that you can have the six-pack you've worked so hard to achieve. If you've tried exercise and diet but are still not able to have these visible muscles, then schedule an appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Heath Charvet at his practice in New Orleans, LA to learn more about ab sculpting.

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