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Body Lift in New Orleans, LA

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What is a Body Lift?

If you have lost weight, you probably feel very proud of yourself — and you should! However, you may be left with excess skin that still leaves you feeling a little uncomfortable in your skin. If so, you may benefit from a body lift at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa. Plastic surgeon Dr. Heath Charvet performs this surgery to help men and women eliminate excess fat and skin around the body. It can also help improve cellulite and other skin irregularities caused by excess skin. For more information, contact our New Orleans, LA office today.

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What Are the Benefits of A Body Lift?

People who get a body lift at our New Orleans, LA office might enjoy numerous advantages associated with this treatment, like:

  • Removing extra skin following weight loss
  • Enhancing and firming wrinkled, saggy skin
  • Toning the bottom portion of the body (like the legs and abs)
  • Boosting your total self-confidence
  • More confident while wearing form-fitting outfits

Am I A Candidate for A Body Lift?

If you desire a tighter stomach and rounder rear end, a body lift should help you achieve your body objectives. To get at the extra skin or rolls on your abs, a tummy tuck will improve the profile of your silhouette. Usually, these issues are caused by aging, having children, or significant weight loss. A body lift is most effective for patients who are at a healthy body weight; if not, it could alter surgical results. Though the surgery could help remove small amounts of fat, it does not address larger amounts.

How is A Body Lift Performed?

At Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we will design your treatment plan based on your particular needs and desires. The length of your surgery will depend on what you're having treated, but typically, they can last anywhere between 4 – 7 hours. Generally, most of our patients like to address the abdomen, butt, groin, and thighs. To start, we will provide general anesthesia to keep you comfortable during your procedure. We will make an incision based on your treatment area. Typically, we try to keep the incisions as small and hidden as we can. From there, we will tighten and lift the skin in the needed areas. In some cases, liposuction and a body lift are combined to achieve the correct results. Some patients benefit from auto-augmentation, which uses a patient's tissue to create a lifted appearance. From there, we will close the incision and apply dressings and/or bandages as necessary to get your healing process started. You may have thin tubes placed under the skin temporarily to help with excess fluid.

What Is Recovery Like after a Body Lift?

After your body lift procedure, Dr. Charvet or a member of the team will give you thorough instructions on how to care for your treatment site(s), as well as prescription medications to reduce the risk of infection and keep you comfortable during recovery. While you will notice results right away, you'll notice even greater results as your swelling goes down, which typically takes around six weeks.To allow for timely recovery, individuals need to keep on a post-surgical compression garment and an abdominal binder. These items will help with blood flow, improve the shape of your body, and reduce swelling. Dr. Charvet may also use tubes around the incisions, and will take them out in about a week. Occasionally, individuals might need the tubes for longer. After a body lift, individuals need about a couple weeks of healing. Before you leave, our team will provide detailed home guidelines that will outline info, like:

  • Walking the next day to keep blood clots from forming
  • Managing side effects
  • Avoiding heavy exercise for 2 – 6 weeks

It is imperative to closely adhere to the post-surgical directions to prevent the appearance of scarring, encourage recuperation, decrease unwanted symptoms, and shield against infection.

A New and Lifted Look

If you've recently lost weight and are looking for a way to tighten and tone your body and remove excess skin, a body lift at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa may be what you're looking for. This customizable treatment by plastic surgeon Dr. Heath Charvet allows men and women to address various problem areas on their body for a look they are proud to show off. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our New Orleans, LA office.

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Body Lift FAQ

How much does a body lift cost?
Your cost for a body lift will depend on what's included in your treatment. During your initial consultation, Dr. Charvet will create your surgical treatment plan to fit your concerns. Once this is determined, he can then estimate costs, including fees for the facility, anesthesia, pre-and post-surgical care, and more. In order for you to concentrate on getting great results from a trusted plastic surgeon, like Dr. Charvet, we take several payments, including low-interest financing.

Can I use insurance to pay for my body lift?
Health insurance, on the whole, will not cover the costs of cosmetic surgery. However, policies do vary and may cover you if excess skin is deemed a medical problem. If you are planning to submit a claim to your health insurance, please let Dr. Charvet know during your initial consultation. He can give you the needed information and paperwork to complete your insurance claim.

What will be included in my body lift?
Typical body parts that are a part of a body are the stomach, buttocks, thighs, neck, arms, and breasts. In your consultation, Dr. Charvet will understand your needs and concerns before completing an examination of your body. When this is complete, he can give you his recommendations for what needs to be part of your surgery.

When should I get my body lift?
When you have lost a significant amount of weight, excess skin will become more obvious, and it is usually around this time that you should schedule a consultation at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa. In this consultation, Dr. Charvet will listen to your goals, examine you, and discuss with you what areas should be included in your treatment plan. Before scheduling this procedure, you need to be at or near a healthy, stable weight.

What will my recovery be like after surgery?
The length of your recovery will vary depending on how many areas you are addressing during your body lift. If you are having several areas treated, you should plan more time for your recovery. In your initial consultation, Dr. Charvet will talk to you about what you can expect during your recovery and tips to make you more comfortable. Appointments for follow-up exams at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa should be scheduled so Dr. Charvet can monitor your healing.

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