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BOTOX® and Wrinkle Relaxers in New Orleans, LA

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What Are Wrinkle Relaxers?

There are several varieties of wrinkle relaxers, all uniquely used to help men and women achieve smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. At Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, plastic surgeon Dr. Heath Charvet uses wrinkle relaxers, like BOTOX®, Dysport®, Jeuveau®, and more, to restore New Orleans, LA patients' youthful appearance. For more information on what wrinkle relaxers we offer and how they can help you smooth out lines and wrinkles on your skin, contact our office today.

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How Are Wrinkle Relaxer Injections Performed?

During your initial one-on-one consultation with Dr. Charvet, he will review your desires with you, as well as assess the condition of your skin. Through this evaluation, he'll suggest a unique treatment plan to help you reach your goals and achieve a beautiful and refreshed appearance. Depending on the wrinkle relaxer used and your skin's condition, treatments typically take between 30 – 45 minutes and can last anywhere from a few months or longer. BOTOX is typically used to treat "dynamic wrinkles," like laugh and smile lines, by temporarily freezing muscle contractions and giving the skin a chance to smooth out. Other wrinkle relaxers, like Xeomin®, Dysport, and more, have similarities to BOTOX but are designed specifically to target the lines between the brows and larger areas by relaxing facial muscle contractions. One of the things desirable about wrinkle relaxers is that there is virtually no downtime after these treatments so many find them very convenient. You might experience some redness and swelling, but this lasts a short while. Results from BOTOX can be seen after about a week and last 3 – 6 months.

Wrinkle Relaxers FAQ

How many wrinkle relaxer units/injections will I need?

The quantity of wrinkle relaxer injections given may vary depending on individual situation and the extent of your facial wrinkles and creases. Dr. Charvet can recommend the necessary quantity of injections with a focus on your desired aesthetic outcomes and whether you want to treat Crow's feet, the forehead, or between the eyes. To keep up your rejuvenated appearance, your provider might recommend scheduling injections spaced 3 – 4 months apart at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa.

Are wrinkle relaxer treatments painful?

As is the case with the majority of injection-based therapies, patients will notice a mild stinging sensation as the injection is administered. However, any discomfort only lasts several seconds, so the majority of people tell us that this minor sensation is quite bearable. Our staff will help you stay relaxed throughout your treatment. If needed, we can use an anesthetic agent to make your injections more comfortable.

What's the difference between dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers?

Both wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers can help refresh your look, but they both function differently. Wrinkle relaxers, like BOTOX, temporarily immobilize the muscles in your face to help address minor lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers, however, add fullness to recessed facial areas and fill out deep-set lines. Our providers can share further about the benefits of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers during your appointment at our New Orleans, LA practice.

Relax with Wrinkle Relaxers

BOTOX wrinkle treatments are a quick, easy, and convenient way to get rid of lines and wrinkles on the face and create a youthful appearance. To learn more about wrinkle relaxers and how they can help you achieve your desired look, contact plastic surgeon Dr. Heath Charvet at Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa. These simple treatments can provide stunning results for our New Orleans, LA patients.

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