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How Often Can I Get Body Contouring Treatments?

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Body contouring is used to help shape and tone the body when traditional diet and exercise are not working or when you have excess skin. However, there are many times when you may want more than one body contouring procedure done. What is done then? Dr. Heath Charvet can help you solve this issue and many others. Our office services men and women in the Greater New Orleans area. Schedule a consultation with Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in New Orleans, LA to learn more about body contouring.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a procedure, both surgical and nonsurgical, that is designed to give you a shapelier and more toned silhouette. This treatment is often suitable for those who have recently lost weight, whose weight has fluctuated over time, or for aging individuals who are no longer happy with their results from diet and exercise. These procedures can help diminish fat, tighten skin, and sculpt areas of the body.

How is body contouring done?

The first step to getting body contouring done is to attend a private consultation with Dr. Charvet. At this appointment, you will talk about your goals and desires, and he will come up with a plan to best meet these goals. Many times, multiple body contouring procedures will be done at the same appointment to reduce the number of times you have to get treatment. However, if you cannot get all of your desired treatments done at once, you can get the next set of treatments after you have healed from the previous procedure. If you think body contouring may be a good option for you, contact Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in New Orleans, LA to learn how Dr. Charvet can help create a customized treatment plan for you.

What kind of procedures are considered body contouring?

Body contouring consists of a variety of both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to best sculpt your body into the silhouette you desire. Some surgical treatments include liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast lifts, or breast augmentation. These are typically done using general anesthesia and may leave a scar. However, the scars are usually minimal and can be hidden with clothing. There are also many nonsurgical contouring options that you can combine with surgical treatments to enhance your results. If you get multiple surgical treatments done in the same appointment, you may have to stay overnight at the treatment center. If you have recently lost weight or your weight has been fluctuating, body contouring may be able to help you achieve a slimmer, tighter body.

Where can I get body contouring in New Orleans, LA?

Many times with body contouring procedures, multiple treatments are done at the same time to reduce the number of times you come in for treatment. However, if you need or want more treatments after your first treatment session, you should wait until any and all treated areas are healed. Dr. Heath Charvet can help you come up with the best group of procedures to fit your goals and needs. Our office services patients in the Greater New Orleans areas. Contact Magnolia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa in New Orleans, LA for a full consultation on the state of your body contouring goals and needs.

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